How to make a subdomain with laragon

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    hello, i was wondering if you could teach me on how to create a subdomain on laragon. because on my main root folder, i install a cms, and on my subdomain, i want to install another cms, such as a forum cms

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    It's been 3 days since I started with Laragon, but with what experience I got with it I can say that:

    1. Ensure that Auto virtual hosts is on.

    2. Say you have your main domain as, then you should create a folder named domain in the root {LaragonRoot}/www directory.

    3. Let's say that you want your subdomain as, you should create a folder named sub.domain in the root {LaragonRoot}/www directory.

    4. Now, reload Apache/Nginx or stop & restart the Laragon services.

    I have not tested this but it may work for you.

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    @bantya Worked like a charm. Thx!

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    If after this steps your subdomain redirects you to the main domain, you may want to comment the
    ServerAlias *.${SITE} line in the auto.domain.conf file and remove auto. prefix (to get domain.conf file) so the Laragon do not overwrite your changes, or you can edit the {LARAGON_ROOT}\usr\tpl\VirtualHost.tpl template file to apply it for all domains automatically.

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