Hi friends. I have this problem, I can't access to my sites, example: prueba2.dev

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    I was working very well with laragon, but I had to install iis service to do some test with visual basic, and now I can't use port 80 for apache, I change port to 8080 in httpd.cnf and ok, I can access main page of laragon when I take option of web, but when I try to connect to some of my sites, I get not found error, HTTP ERROR 404, The requested resource is not found, I have 3 days trying to fix, and I can't
    free port 80 in order to use laragon , what I must do??

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    @jacmty :
    You should change port in Laragon's Menu (Menu > Services & Ports) so Laragon can take care of the rest for you.

    Then you can access using:


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    Thanks friend, you are ok, I add the port in prueba2.dev:8070 , and that works, I thought wich was not necesary to add port,- new question- how can the system take the port from the virtual host and add the port to the site name???

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