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    Ive made a laravel app that is going to be installed by end users, I was wondering if anyone knew how Id go about making an installer that would :

    • Download and install Laragon
    • Copy my app to the relevant place
    • initialise Mysql
    • Setup a vhost
    • run some artisan command

    ....pretty much do everything so the user has as little as possible to do, i don't really know where to start.

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    @AaronKaa: Laragon is very portable, you just simply zip it and send to your customers.
    Let me explain:

    1. You installed Laragon in your machine C:\laragon
    2. You created a Laravel app name: awesomeapp. There should be a folder name C:\laragon\www\awesomeapp
    3. The correspond database will be stored in C:\laragon\data....

    Just zip it to (or laragon.tar.gz for better compression), then your customers can extract to C:\laragon or D:\laragon or E:\yourcompany\laragon,... no matter what.

    He just run laragon.exe and click Start All button. After a while, he can browser and use your app.


    1. Your customers may use Skype which usually bind to port 80 & 443, so instruct them to unbind the ports
    2. You can instruct your customers to set Laragon to start with Windows and automatically run all services + Minimize Laragon to system tray. So, when start their computers, they can use your app without doing anything.

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    Thanks for the reply - I actually got the exact same one on stackoverflow :)

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    Have you tried it? In theory it should work.
    By the way, I see you had the same question on Stackoverflow and the answer was copied from mine :) (but he included source)

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