[HELP] Can't access my WordPress Website on Laragon

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    I deployed WordPress in Laragon using the quick create > WordPress option. Now after working on the website for a few days. it became inaccessible.

    So when I access stleo.dev (that's the site url) it simply gives me a blank page on the web browser.
    I've tried all means of fixing WordPress white screen of death but it seams the issue is coming from Laragon as I can not access old WordPress installs but can easily access recent ones.

    I really need help with this because I have to deregister a theme in stleo.dev, so as to use the themes license key on the production site.

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    @authur: I believe this is because of the code (or other plugins, themes code,..)
    To make sure, you should check the Apache's access.log, error.log (Menu > Apache) or php error logs.

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    Thanks leokhoa, I resolved the issue by backing up my database and www folder, then reinstalled the laragon app and restored my backup.

    All is fine now.

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