Cannot write to log file

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    Here is a picture of my current setup: alt text

    I have been working with this for two week now and the only item I can't get to seem to work is Logging. Pages load just fine so it isn't a permissions issue. It simply isn't logging. I have my log level set to debug and my log set to single. It SHOULD be writing out a file to storage/log/laravel.log yet it doesn't.

    When I set up the mail driver to "log" it simply never sent the mail and still no log file.

    I have tried manually writing to the log through tinker and through a controller and it doesn't fail but the file is still not there. I have changed the permissions to be as lenient as possible and still nothing. I created an empty laravel.log file and still nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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