What Domain are You Using for Development?

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    Hi Netizen,

    The Title Tells, out of curiousity, please share, which domain you use for development :).

    Since google take .dev and .app from us, you have to change the TLD .dev if you want to stick with Chrome while develop your web application.

    Here is the tutorial by @bantya and @leokhoa to change the TLD.

    UPDATE 3:

    Hola guys, I'm back again, here is the update, and i guess this one will become the FINAL update for the Official gTLD for Laragon. Here it is:

    Laragon 3.2.2 & 3.1.8 released! - use {name}.oo as default hostname format - Golang 1.9.2

    So guys, i guess here is the end of the vote, since today, the official Laragon gTLD is .oo, but if you guys want to use your own domain or pick one from the list, to change it, you can follow the instruction above.

    UPDATE 2:


    Our beloved @leokhoa has another suggestion gTLD called .oo (an abbreviation of Object Oriented), IMO, the TLD is simple, sounds nice, and the best thing is, Google can't seize this gTLD from us.

    Personally, i use this .oo for my local development.

    Do you agree with this idea? Please reply and vote :).

    UPDATE 1:

    for your information, they took .app from us too, Chrome add https:// in front of the hostname.

    So, here are the candidates:


    For you guys who still fall in love with this domain, you know what? .dev is like your ex-girlfriend, no matter what, how much she changes or hurt you, you always want to come back to her.

    if that's what you feel, i suggest you to follow @leokhoa suggestion, use Vivaldi browser, it's a chrome-based browser. Watch the video and you will fall in love with it.


    I guess, you can use this domain when you want to give some example.

    I have no idea with this one, but here it is.

    .invalid" is intended for use in online construction of names that are sure to be invalid and which it is obvious at glance are invalid.

    I don't have idea


    IMO, this one is unique, thanks to @Athlone for the idea, you guys can use this in honour of Laragon.

    .localhost / .loc

    Since our development running in local, i guess i can agree with this, but the .localhost is too long, i guess, i will stick with .loc.

    TLD has traditionally been statically defined host DNS implementations as having an A record pointing to loop back IP address and is reserved for such use. Any other would conflict with widely deployed cod.


    This one is good too, and emphasized our application is in test/development environment. Almost the same like .dev right?

    ".test" is recommended for use in testing of current or new related code.

    Do you have unique gTLD? Then tell us! Mention your idea, and i will update the list.

    Thank you


    Reserved domain for development

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    @rizaldywirawan : .dev as usual :)

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    Hi @leokhoa,

    maybe, this is what called loyalty. Do you have any suggestion for the domain candidate?

    I'm new to front-end development, just want to know, how you can make sure the user interface is OK in chrome since we can't access it? (sorry OOT).

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    since I host everything with Laragon not just my app :dancers:

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    Hola @vienmq,

    Hmmm, interesting, i will add this gTLD to my list.

    Do you host CodeIgniter, Wordpress or etc using Laragon too ?

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    I'm using.... .lara in honour of Laragon! ;)

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    Halo @Athlone,

    actually, this one is a good idea, and different from others :p, nice one dude.

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    @rizaldywirawan howdy matey. Indeed I think so too, and thanks. ;)

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    I use .loc which is as you suggested, just a short of .localhost.

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    Hola @bantya

    Nice to hear that, .loc is good. Do you still use Chrome as your browser?

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    .lara - interesting :)

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    Hi @leokhoa,

    Please make .lara become official for laragon development domain in the next update :D

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    I do some UI work also, so I do tend to use Chrome, Firefox, and MS-Edge. Here Chrome is my primary browser.

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    That will suit perfectly for the Laravel dev, but what about other stuff like Symfony, Phalcon?
    The default should be something generic like: .loc, .test etc.

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    Hi @bantya,

    Since i just develop Laravel application, i will use .lara as the TLD :p . I agree with you, if our project more "general", maybe .loc or .test better than .lara.

    But that's the taste, we can use everything we want in here :p .

    Thank you for your suggestion and tutorial, i add the tutorial to change the TLD at above.

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    @rizaldywirawan : My comments:

    • .lara is a nice name but may be strange to newcomers.
    • .test is not friendly. We are developing something as developers not qc :)
    • .loc is not as meaningful as .dev
      I still think about a new default domain for Laragon...will keep you guys posted.

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    Hola @leokhoa

    Aaahh ... I got the points.

    how about .grow or .build or maybe .create since we create application :p

    hahaha, but it seems weird >.<

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    What I think is, the TLD to use for development should not exceed more than 3 or 4 characters.
    Anyways, .build could be a good one. 👌

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    @rizaldywirawan .build is a .TLD so that is out.

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    You can avoid all this .dev TLD and Google Chrome SSL mess by following this page,

    Setting {name}.dev as Hostname in your Laragon preferences you will get the result site URL as following:
    {name}.dev : mysite.dev

    You can set the Hostname as follows if you really want to use the Chrome and also want to get the sense of .development by project URL:
    {name}dev.com : mysitedev.com
    dev.{name}.com : dev.mysite.com

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