Slow server

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    Quick recap:

    • this occurs on multiple devices
    • Apache (not ngnix)
    • composer slow
    • slower website loading
    • used on multiple projects where I am the only developer or projects have more developers (optimization is not an issue- on other server works fast)
    • imap is also working slow ( I have just a couple of emails)
    • issues are regarding either Laravel projects or Wordpress websites

    Anybody has this issue or idea how to solve it?

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    @RhRU Laragon was super fast for me when I first started using it, then it's progressively gotten slower until recently it went at a snail's pace.
    I found my problem was that I had gotten too lazy about having multiple installs of Laragon and just throwing them in the trash when I was done... eventually, I had a trash that was 11 GB in size. When I finally thought to empty the trash, everything sped right up again.

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    @mnelson4 Can you elaborate on the "trash" you mean recycle bin or?

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    @RhRU oh oups, ya I meant the recycle bin.
    I realize it's pretty unlikely that this is your issue, but I just wanted to throw it out there what fixed my speed issue.

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    You aren't using mysql?

    I have two setups:
    One of my setups is mysql 5.5/apache 2.4 is awfully slow, but works fine on a linux server. I believe this is due to Linux being better optimized for this stuff then Windows.

    No issues with my mysql 5.7/apache 2.4 setup.

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