Avoid Site access with url.dev:8888/ with Nginx

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    Hi, everyone

    I prefer Nginx over Apache, how can I avoid the port:8888 on the url when accessing my local sites?
    because when I was using Apache it don't have to access the site with the {port-address}.

    Such an example:
    Curiosity.dev/ (Apache)
    Curiosity,dev:8888/ (Nginx)

    How to solve this?

    Thank You Everyone!

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    To solve your problem what you can do is:

    01. Open the Laragon window and select Preferences:


    02. Select Services & Ports section and swap the ports of Apache and Nginx:


    As you want your Nginx sites to be accessed normally without specifying port number, you should swap the normal and SSL port numbers of the apache and Nginx settings.

    I hope this will solve your problem.

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    @bantya How it's just a matter of swapping the port between them. I'll try it later.

    Thank You Very Much for your time :) Greeting from Bali

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