Is there an easier way launch from my project from laragon local host to some public host?

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    When i was installing larval i was finding it extremely difficult to install it normally,so i installed it using laragon and wanted to know if i can easily import this to some public host?

    Thanks and please let me know

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    @rb557 I don't know why you found it difficult to install Laravel. If you have ssh access, you can easily install it on your server using composer command. Some providers already have composer installed. Therefore, if you are hosting laravel project with such providers, you only have to use a single composer command to install Laravel. Otherwise, you have to first install composer then install laravel.

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    Hi @rb557, Can you please explain how you faced difficulty while installing Laravel to a public host? Laravel is one of the easiest frameworks of PHP which you can install using the following command.

    composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel:^8.0 blog

    If you want to know more about Laravel installation here is the link:

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