Host 'localhost' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

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    I have a problem accessing the database today (yesterday not), this happened the second time but at that time I forgot to fix it because it did not want to reinstall laragon.

    Laragon I use: Laragon Full

    Apache httpd-2.4.29-Win64-VC15 80/443
    MariaDB mariadb-10.2.11-winx64 3306

    Is there a way to fix this? thanks for helping me :)

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    @Ridhwan-Ginanjar : Any error message?
    Note: You can restore MariaDB yourself:

    1. Rename data to data.bak
    2. Click "Start All" - Laragon will re-generate new clean data
    3. (Optional) Now MariaDB is running, you can restore from backup or migration

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    Hallo @leokhoa.
    Now my larva is back to normal, thank you very much. :smile:



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    @Ridhwan-Ginanjar : I'm glad to hear that! Cheers :)

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    I had analogical problem because my pc lost power and something in maria db crashed. I have a lot work on local so i wanted to try to fix it instead restore/create fresh db. I did it so i would to share with my solution:

    Go to mariadb bin folder for example:

    Find my.ini and open.
    Simply add single line:
    after [mysqld] group.



    Now we are able to enter to mysql and phpmyadmin, in my case i use phpmyadmin and i get many errors on home page about crashed user table so i run SQL queries:

    USE mysql;
    CHECK TABLE user;
    REPAIR TABLE user;

    And voilĂ . Now we can remove skip-grant-tables just in case.

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    @Marek-Gralikowski this helped me a lot!! i wasted like 2 hours tirying to solve this until i found it here

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Marek-Gralikowski this helped me a lot. Its works. Thanks.

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