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    Re: Laragon Lite and Laragon differences?

    What about Laragon Lite, anyway?

    I already have Git, Node, Yarn, Composer installed.
    Ngrok never needed.
    Notepad++ too old and competitor (VSCode even portable, Atom) better by far (Git integrated, faster, better performance, (-->) terminal included etc.)

    The complete Laragon package is really great but too much. ;)

    Basically I only need Apache, PHP and MySQL.
    Laragon Mint would be perfect but unfortunately only Ngnix is included, which most webspace providers do not support, so I never use it.

    So, is there any chance of reawakening Laragon Lite, please?
    Or is there a reason why Lite doesn't get updates anymore?

    Oops, I actually replied to another post.
    This should not be a new announcement.
    Did I find a bug or can anyone write an announcement here?
    Anyway, please move post to the appropriate category, if necessary, sorry. ^^

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    @lvlirko : The reason is too many packages make newcomers confused.
    I still keep Laragon Lite in version 2.2:

    Btw, you can download Laragon Mint & add Apache easily yourself:

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    Theoretically, yes.
    But practically all menu entries should be missing?
    Also the possibility to configure Apache? (start, stop, config, etc.)
    All the menus and submenus for Apache are not available in the Mint version.
    Only entries for Ngnix.

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    @lvlirko : When you put Apache to C:\laragon\apache, the Menu for Apache will be available.
    Note: you should select an Apache version which is compatible with PHP. I mean they must have same -VC in version,...:

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    Ok, I tested it and it seems to work, at least with VC14.
    With VC15 I get an error concerning mod_fcgid.
    The first line of the mod_fcgid.conf is always rewritten to VC14.
    Apparently it has something to do with the fact that VC15 is downward compatible.
    But I don't know exactly. Maybe its just me.

    It is important to install not only Apache and PHP but also the Apache module "" and change the name to (or win32).

    Apache starts and web pages are accessible.
    However, I get an error when I stop Apache.
    Both. exe files are present.


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    @lvlirko : What is your OS architecture (Win 32-bit or 64-bit)?

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    My OS is Win10 (x64)


    • httpd-2.4.29-win64-VC14
    • php-7.1.15-nts-Win32-VC14-x64
    • mod_fcgid-2.3.9-win64-VC14

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    @lvlirko : SendSignalCtrlC is a program which sends "Ctrl + C" signal to graceful shutdown Apache.
    When Laragon says "No file!", the possibilities are:

    • The CPU architecture is 32-bit (but not)
    • Your AV prevents SendSignalCtrlC from running

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    Where does the double slash come from (see picture), could it cause the problem?

    I whitelist the whole Laragon folder and the process of the .exe but without success.

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    @lvlirko : The double slash is no harm on Windows.

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    @lvlirko solve? how? same isu witt me

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