How to obtain and install postgreSQL

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    I have recently installed 32bit Laragon Full Apache. However I cannot find any reference to installing postgresql, only greyed out (unavailable) preferences services & ports checkbox.

    Neither can I find any PostgreSQL install help advice. I need the package to be 32bit also.

    sqlite3 is another DB package that would be most helpful, and surprisingly Perl is missing from Laragon too but I can get around the latter.

    Your advice regarding what to obtain and where and how to install postgresql would be much appreciated. Best regards, 'imself

    PS: Please continue to support older Apache, ***sql, and php packages too. I.e. many hosting companies prudently take some time to use latest stuff until well and truely proven over some
    time and webmasters often seek out the older packaged programs.

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    @imself : I guess you are using Laragon 2.2. It's old and does not fully support PostgreSQL

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    But the question is still open. I'm also wanting to add pgsql to my local laragon installation, but I'm missing a guide or at least some tips on how to do that. Thanks in advance, everyone!

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    @leokhoa Thank you for the reply. I haven't bothered with the latest packages, as explained above, as clients hosting software packages are so often well behind the latest and (ahem) best versions and prudently so. Obviously coding using none-latest compilers etc too is preferred in those cases.

    I also use 32 bit box/laptop for dev. I have absolutely no need to upgrade machines plus reinstall many programs on both. I am sure there must still be many other developers set up likewise (as opposed to dreamers just thinking they can avoid hosting costs using wampp).

    So since your post I have now noted somewhere that "ALL" later versions of Laragon ONLY support 64bit... somewhat strange perhaps.

    I therefore have the options to:
    *buy new machines (no way just for dev)
    *hard wire PostgreSQL with Perl external
    *look at another wamp dev package.

    I have until recently always installed all without wamp but I am attracted to the easier multi site idea.

    Once installed and seeing the setup "PostgreSQL" checkbox I persisted for some time trying to get it to happen. Please make an OBVIOUS note with the 32bit down load links that PG is not an option.

    Regards. Ron.

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    @imself : Later versions of Laragon support 64-bit but by default. It means Laragon itself can work with 32-bit but I haven't tested it yet.
    @furomin : It's easy. I'll make a tutorial soon :)

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    @leokhoa I look forward to that with interest, I'm sure in time I'll not be the only one. Regards.

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    @furomin : I've made a tutorial for adding PostgreSQL to Laragon:

    @imself : You can follow the tutorial above - just update only 1 file laragon.exe to the one in the latest version (3.2.3)

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    @leokhoa You're a real helper again, Leo. Can't stress it enough of how much effort you put into laragon plus the near premium support. You're my hero , thanks!

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    @leokhoa Excellent stuff. Makes it all clear now. Got it happening plus a couple of vrsn changes.

    Realizing the need for a "siteroot" folder above webroot I added "htdocs" for web content and then used www as the siteroot folder i.e.
    The Menu -> www option sorted it correctly.

    Perhaps changing the www to "home" would be more fitting as used commonly on hosts setup. Suggest maybe include same in next upgrade.

    Access to a siteroot folder is important as some hidden reference folders etc get "securely" dumped in there by host control panel or whatever (plus a lot of system stuff which should be left alone). And of course, respectfully, inexperienced readers should note this as a possible secure program area (for dev AND live programming) in which your program admin and config data folders can also be placed without direct access worries.

    Now I've got something to play with! Thank you and regards, Ron.

    PS: edit; this BB thingy is duplicating post replies!!!

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    Hello, i need the inverse. Want to remove postgres, how can i do that ? I don't found any option to remove a installed app with laragon.

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    Hey guys, to obtain and install or add another version of PostgreSQL into Laragon is the same and very simple, anyway, you could watch this video to see how easy it is:

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