[Tutorial] How to add another PostgreSQL version (PostgreSQL 12.1)

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    Adding another PostgreSQL version is very easy with Laragon.
    Assume we want to use PostgreSQL 12.1 64-bit (or other versions)

    1. Download PostgreSQL 12.1 (64-bit):

    1. Extract the downloaded to (*): bin\postgresql\postgresql-12.1
    -- bin
       -- postgresql
          -- postgresql-12.1
              -- bin
              -- doc
              -- include
              -- lib
              -- pgAdmin 4

    1. Close Laragon, then open it again (to refresh the Menu). Select the new version at: Laragon Menu > PostgreSQL> Version > postgresql-12.1

    Very easy huh. That's all forks!

    *Note: after extracting, you rename the pgsql dir to postgresql-12.1.

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    Some pics:

    1. Folder structure:
    1. Menu:
      0_1575117397090_upload-171a458d-cc19-433f-9d6f-a7c1343619ed !

    2. Connect (using Terminal):

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    As always, outstanding :rocket:

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    @leokhoa @Fuad-Fadhil-Azzar @rizaldywirawan

    just adding postgresql-10.5.2 to laragon and found the same error, the webserver for pgadmin4 won't start even when opening directly from pgAdmin 4\bin\pgAdmin4.exe

    trying to change to pgAdmin3 with no luck because of too many warnings of incompatibility, then it just crossed my mind, "Aha maybe it's just because of that administrative privilige, so try to run pgAdmin 4\bin\pgAdmin4.exe as administrator and it works (the browser pops out with address set to "" so because this is my first time using postgresql I consider it works)

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    1. Check version: open Terminal (Ctrl - Alt - T), and type
    psql --version
    1. Create database "test":
    createdb test
    1. Connect to database "test":
    psql test

    You can use pgAdmin 4 in Menu > PostgreSQL > pgAdmin 4 to operate PostgreSQL efficiently.

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