about the laragon version difference

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    according to this
    it tell us Laragon have three version︰Wamp installer version、Mint、Portable
    I know the portable version meaning but how about the Mint verion?

    such like the php
    the installer Laragon version use php-X.X.X-Win32-VCX-x64 but Portable version use php-X.X.X-nts-Win32-VCX-x86
    why the default version will that?
    is it because the "nts" or "x86" only work in Portable or Mint version?
    if not,why don't consider that no matter which Laragon version is,it have the same software version code(if could,it also more convenient for you to release any new version or even only have Portable version maybe one day in the future)

    if I use apache 64bit version,so the php should be use the 64bit version too,correct?(x64 to x64 and x86 to x86)

    such like the ngrok
    the ngrok only exist in installer version,could I use the below trick step that the installer version to become Portable version
    STEP1︰install the installer Laragon version
    STEP2︰copy "C:\laragon" to "D:\laragon"
    STEP3︰uninstall the laragon,so the "C:\laragon" should be disappear or blan
    STEP4︰use the "D:\laragon" to instead and locate your project in "D:\laragon\www" folder and so on...

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    @bau720123 : Here are my answers:
    Q1: Mint version does not include git, node.js so it's size is small.

    Q2: Laragon can work with both ts (Thread Safe) and nts (Non Thread Safe) version of PHP - The main reason is file size and VCX dependency. For example, with the portable, 99% of the time you don't need to install VC14 Redist. The installer bundles with VC14 and detects to install it on the background for you.

    Q3: You're right with the ts (Thread Safe)
    For nts, Laragon will auto configure PHP running under fast_cgi mod.

    Q4: Yes, sure. Laragon is designed with portable mindset. The installer just install VCX Redist for you. Not only moving from C:\laragon to D:\laragon or E:\dev, you can also move to any machine.

    Please check Laragon's documentation for more details:

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    thanks @leokhoa
    clear and got it

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