Allow outside & other devices (phones, tablets,...) to access your local server using ngrok

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    Laragon 1.0.7 includes ngrok, an excellent tool to expose your local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.
    This tutorial helps you to allow connections from outside to your []

    1. Make sure of our services is running (Start All), press Ctrl + Alt + T to open Terminal
     Ctrl + Alt + T
    1. Run ngrok by typing: ngrok http
     ngrok http 
    1. Ngrok will start and show status screen, note for a domain which looks like this: (in that case:
    Forwarding           ->  
    1. Open http-vhosts.conf (Menu > Apache > http-vhosts.conf), and add the domain to ServerAlias of Virtualhost entry:
    <VirtualHost *:80> #laragon magic!
        DocumentRoot "d:/laragon107.2/www/project/"
        ServerAlias *,
    1. Reload Apache (Menu > Apache > Reload). That's all.
      DONE! You and your customers now can access your from anywhere using this url:

    Note: The url will be changed each time you run ngrok.

    Some pics:

    1. Run ngrok:

    2. Add url to ServerAlias:

    3. Reload Apache (You also can click Reload button in Laragon Interface):

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    This is even faster:
    ngrok http 80

    Just write this and it works.

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    @crissi : There are cases it doesn't work.
    For example, if you have a Wordpress project: ****
    When browsing, the browser will redirect to

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    there is a simplest way

    • run the PHP server from the prefernces,
      the project will work on port 8000, so if you have a website called it will work the same way but on localhost:8000
    • then run ngork by typing:
      ngrok http localhost:8000

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