Proposal: Move to Gitlab/Github and restructuring

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    I think that Laragon is a great product. And it should be used by as many people as possible.
    One big drawback in my opinion is the project setup:

    • The folder structure is very confusing: What do all the files mean and where can I find the right file? (see below)
    • Sourceforge is not a hoster that many people trust. They had many scandals and their features are totally outdated. Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket are much better alternatives – and all free
    • There are no sources nor docs describing how we can contribute to the project – I bet many people would love to contribute but have no clue how.

    My proposal – and I am more than ready to help you realizing it:

    Move the project to Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket and restructure the folders

    What do you think?

    • Folder structure is irritating
      • Problems:
        • Recent release is hidden in: Home > releases > 3.2
        • I would expect the top *.exe to be the recent release
        • What does php5.4-WinXP (updated: 2015) do on top level?
        • What does php5.5 (updated: 2015) do on top level?
    • Folder Proposal
    |-- releases
    |   |-- full
    |   |-- portable
    |   |-- addons
    |-- source
    `-- README.txt
    `-- CONTRIBUTE.txt

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    @minthemiddle That's a very good idea, I know some people who have urge to see the Laragon grow bigger and even better than it currently is! I will be more than happy to contribute.

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    @leokhoa I could set up the Github repo and do the basic structure, but as I cannot find a license agreement, I do not simply want to copy your files and do a potential copyright enfringement. Do you allow me to copy your files? ;-)

    Do you have a Github handle so I can hand over the organization to you?

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    @minthemiddle : Sure, you can use your own Github :)

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    Wait, I found your Github with releases (, Feb 18), but the sources are an empty webpage, and the rest of the project are rather old website commits (latest commit: 2016). I am totally confused now…

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