Continued Quick create Wordpress extraction failure

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    New user here, brand new Laragon install on Windows 10.
    I go to Menu > Quick create > WordPress and give it a name.
    The DB is created, WP downloads and the extracted.
    The screen shows Extracted 100% but a window pops up stating "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program."
    The only file in Laragon\www is index.php
    I've tried restarting everything, I've also tried deleting the index.php file but I get same error message each time.
    This is exactly the same issue as Mikek was having 18 days ago, not sure if/how that was resolved.

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    Same issue here. Only way to solve that for me is to trash the wordpress installation folder that gets put somewhere in the tmp folder of Laragon, then continue the process. You will get a message saying that the package location cannot be found or something, then you recover the deleted wordpress data from the trash can and try to continue with the installation and it should complete this time!

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