Import existing Laravel project from Bitbucket

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    I created a new laragon project using laragon on my PC, and I use bitbucket as a git solution.

    My problem is that I want to checkout my project to my laptop, but I cannot make it work.

    This is the error I get:

    Warning: require(C:\laragon\www\laravel\bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\laragon\www\laravel\bootstrap\autoload.php on line 17

    Thanks in advance!

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    Could you please show me what steps you made? some pics will be helpful

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    1. Installed laragon on my laptop
    2. Installed SourceTree
    3. Connected to my Bitbucket account using SourceTree
    4. Checked out a branch of my project to a laragon folder inside "www"
      (git fetch && git checkout development)
    5. Tried to access the project
    6. Got the error message

    I have not imported the database yet, but the error I get is not relevant I believe.

    If you need a screenshot for any of the above steps please let me know!

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    @mystic :
    Try running compose install first

    composer install

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    I cannot. Sourcetree needs an empty folder to download the project..

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    What I mean is after download your project, you run the command:

    1. Open Terminal
    2. Cd to your project dir
    3. Run the command (to ensure packages updated)

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    It worked! One million thank you! :)

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    Cool! Glad to hear it worked :)

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