{name}.dev:82 not running on different port

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    i have checked auto virtual hosts on my laragon, this virtual host was created, but since i am running on port 82 and not the default port 80 i cannot access




    i have this in my hosts file sample.dev #laragon magic!

    i even tried putting the port number after the sample.dev #laragon magic!

    and sample.dev:82 #laragon magic!

    neither is working, how do i access sample.dev on my web browser

    <VirtualHost *:82>
    DocumentRoot "C:/laragon/www/sample/public/"
    ServerName sample.dev
    ServerAlias *.sample.dev
    <Directory "C:/laragon/www/sample/public/">
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted

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    @kzish : Can you try?:

    1. Change the hostname format to {name}.test in Menu > Preferences
    2. Change the Apache port in Menu > Services and Ports

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    {name}.test was the solution
    thank you for that
    now my question is why does {name}.test work and {name}.dev not work?

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    @kzish : I glad it helped :)
    If you want to know the reason, please read:

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