Laragon as the laragon itself

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    Hi @leokhoa , i love laragon. Its so much amazing.

    I hve an idea. How if provide laragon as laragon itself ( no bundle with another package). Then provide the tutorial for guidance to create bundle.

    So when i need MEAN environment, i will setup laragon with just mongo and node.

    Then when it comes new version of laragon, i just need to download the laragon core.

    Since laragon is closed source, it difficult to figure it out how the laragon workflow. Which command will execute first, then which next....

    With only provide the laragon core with some tutorial to setup, i think laragon will be more flexible.

    Sorry for long post, it just the idea of mine.

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    @cagumelar : Many thanks for your suggestions. I'll consider it :)

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    Many thanks for your respon l and consideration.

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