Is it possible to run 1 Laragon installation across 2 computers... simultaneously?

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    I was wondering if I could work with Laragon from home, as my Laragon installation is on my office Computer. I understand this may involve internet connection, but that is alright.
    Is it possible to get Laragon set up so that it is essentially like working on a live website, or do we have to work on a live domain? What do you do for remote working environments?

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    @fsemic : As Laragon is portable and isolated, you can put it to a Cloud directory to sync between work and home.

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    Cheers thank you @leokhoa we're growing in the company and will grow with Laragon. :)

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    @leokhoa sorry for bother in outdated topic, but I used full version and not portable version, so it still work as it should if I copy the laragon folder to dropbox or drive and run it in other computer?

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    @tienloc1 : The full version of Laragon is also portable. So, the answer is YES.

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    @leokhoa wow, thank you so much for fast replied.

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    YES, IT IS POSSIBLE. Depends on the type of sync setup. I have 2 choices available.

    You can use a VPN to sync between both locations as if you were still inside the office:= check out hamachi at
    But this is only if your server is set up and configured at the office and the thing is you would have to remote into your office computer each time you want to create a new site.
    If your office laragon is set to localhost, Hamachi gives you an encrypt connect... so you would set you IP for your home laragon (which is usually localhost ( ) to the remote office "Public IP" from your ISP (you'll have to find out what this is and open the port on the office router and set the office computer "Dynamic IP (192.168.... or 172.168....)" to port 80)


    You can use something like dropbox.. Add dropbox on your office computer and add your site folder to that. Next set laragon on your home computer and point the sites directory to your dropbox > office folder. Make should that the home ver of laragon domain settings will have to match your office laragon setting

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    @leokhoa I hope you don't get bother about my question, but at the moment, I tried push laragon folder to bitbucket (I tried use dropbox/drive but it will need large storage), but it can't sucessful, these folders:


    and debug.log and laragon.exe seem can't push, it's remain as untracked files, is it a problem with git config or something else? Sorry for my knowledge.

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    Hi, I have a question about syncing Laragon between two computers. The files have synced and the mysql data files are there but the databases are empty inside HeidiSQL. Is there something I need to do to keep mysql synced between the two computers or is that not possible.

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    @rubendn sorry for the bother, did you use dropbox or drive to sync between computer or use git?

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    @tienloc1 Yes, but originally I was using FreeFileSync to sync the c:\Laragon directory with a directory inside my Dropbox. I think it was something I did wrong and didn't sync all the files correctly.

    What I ended up doing was creating a symlink junction and now it seems to be working.

    I used the following command to create the link:

    mklink /J "C:\laragon" "C:\Dropbox\Laragon"

    I created the symlink then dropped the files in C:\Laragon and they are synced automatically by Dropbox.

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    @rubendn thank you for your shared, I tried to sync with git because my dropbox storage don't have much available.

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