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    Hello guys,

    I just discovered Laragon today, and I began loving it.
    But I have something very annoying.

    I created a Laravel "starter pack project", and when I launch everything and go on "myproject.test", the page are loading so slow.
    For every click I see my request are pending for like 10-20 sec, then it's executed in few mili seconds. I searched but I do not know where this pending status for 15 sec is coming from ... I am on local ...

    If anyone could help me, I would be grateful !!

    Thanks guys !

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    @Neewd : How about other projects?
    You can check if:

    1. XDebug is enabled (it is disable by default in Laragon so I don't think it is an issue)
    2. The "starter pack project" is running in Debug mode.
    3. Switch between Nginx/Apache to see which serve best.

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    Hello @leokhoa
    Thank you for your fast reply,

    I spent the last hours to dig into my system and I found the reason why it was so long to serve the pages !
    I had in my host file a conflict for my project name so I just change the name of my project and all are going fine now !

    Thanks again !

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    I'm glad to hear your found the reason :)

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