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    I'm having trouble to send emails using the new Mail Sender with Gmail.
    When I compare the Mail Sender test which works as expected and the email sent using Drupal, I could see in the debug log that my CMS doesn't send a valid host/IP.
    The test email is sent with my computer machine name linked to my external IP.

    Connecting to
    16/04/07 09:44:59 ** Connected.
    16/04/07 09:44:59 << 220 ESMTP i5sm6803425wja.23 - gsmtp<EOL>
    16/04/07 09:44:59 >> EHLO ??C<EOL>
    16/04/07 09:44:59 << 501 5.5.4 HELO/EHLO argument ??C invalid, closing connection. i5sm6803425wja.23 - gsmtp<EOL>
    16/04/07 09:44:59 >> HELO ??C<EOL>

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    I finally found a solution to fix this issue. For people having this issue just edit the file sendmail.ini provided with Laragon.
    And set the variable hostname to your computer name. It worked for me :-)

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    Great! it's very helpful.

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