Add Legato Framework to Laragon

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    Hi, I want to request that Legato framework project should be added to Laragon just like Laravel, Symfony or other PHP projects.



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    Go to your {LaragonRoot}\usr\sites.conf file and add Legato=composer create-project legato/legato %s this line in that file. Restart the Laragon and you can create your Legato application just like Laravel with Laragon.

    NOTE: Remember to run composer install in the console window which appeared in above operation or cd into the project root and then run the command.

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    @bantya thanks for the update I will do that shortly and let you know.

    Will your team consider adding this feature to a later release so that when people download Laragon they can easily just click and install Legato?

    Thanks for helping out.

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    @terdia 😊 Happy to help you, and I am just a user like you. @leokhoa is the developer. You can thank him for this awesome tool.

    If you have other suggestions, then do kindly post those in this (Feature Requests) section.

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    @Leo-Khoa thanks for this wonderful tools, I have only just began to try it out and it had been amazing.

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    So I was able to add it to my Laragon installation:

    update {LaragonRoot}\usr\sites.conf

    Legato=composer create-project legato/legato %s --prefer-dist

    Restart Laragon

    1. Click quick create and select Legato

    2. Enter project name

    3. After installation cd into project folder if not done automatically and run

    $ composer dump-autoload


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