Laragon install always failing

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    Whenever i try to install laravalmean.laravel wamp(these 2 i have tried to install) im getting this error and rollbacking the install, please help me to fix this issue :(
    0_1529407841914_2018-06-19 16_59_56-Window.png
    and my node version is

    0_1529408494056_2018-06-19 17_08_49-Window.png

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    @Jijin-Jayakumar : Please install Laragon to directory like:

    You have the error because your node_module path is too long!

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    my other laragon installation (which is currently using ) in

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    I had this error today too. I think if npm ran with --no-bin-links it might help. This is certainly a gotcha that would be nice to either fix or at least document, because it's pretty unexpected, especially when a folder path like D:\mydigitallife\laragon\ doesn't seem unreasonably long.

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